Insurance & Financial Information

We are working to meet your healthcare and health plan needs. Because of this, the health plans that the Arthritis Centers of Texas accepts may change from time to time. If you have a question regarding your particular health plan, please contact your health plan provider.

Here you will find the health insurance plans that we accept as of November 15, 2007 and others we currently do not accept.

Payment Policy

Our Billing Office is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may reach them by dialing (214) 823-6503 and following the instructions given by the auto-attendant answering system to contact the billing staff member that bills for your physician.

Payment of deductibles and co-pays are expected at the time of your office visit. For your convenience, we accept multiple forms of payment, including personal checks, money orders, credit cards, and cash.

Payment is accepted by phone, in person, and by mail.

There is a $35 charge for all returned checks. In addition, patients with returned checks will be required to pay future amounts due with cash, money orders, or debit/credit card.

If we send your labs out to Quest Diagnostics, they will bill you directly for outstanding out-of-pocket balances. Please contact Quest Diagnostics directly to discuss your bill at 866-MYQUEST (866-697-8378).

Insurance and Billing

We will bill your primary and secondary health insurance as a courtesy to you. However, you are ultimately responsible for all co-pays and co-insurance related to your deductible, as well as any remaining balance after insurance payments and charges for services that are not covered or that are denied by your health insurance company. Please remember to bring your current insurance card and a picture ID with you to every office visit.

Please contact your insurance company to verify we are an in-network provider. As the insurance policy owner, you are solely responsible for coverage under the plan and the accuracy of the information on file.

We are a participating provider with Medicare. We accept Medicare assignment, which means we accept the Medicare fee schedule and that Medicare will pay us directly for Medicare services billed on your behalf.  As required by federal law, you are responsible for Medicare deductibles and co-pays, and we are required by federal law to collect them in full.

Insurance Errors

If you believe your insurance company made a mistake in processing a claim or denied a claim in error, please contact us immediately. If you receive a request from your insurance company for additional information to process a claim, you must reply to them as soon as possible.  If your insurance does not pay a claim within 45 days of submission, the outstanding balance may be billed to you and become your responsibility.

If insurance pays more on a claim than what you are responsible for, the overpayment will be applied as a credit on your account. You may use this credit for your next office visit or opt to receive a refund check.

Please Note: We do not accept Medicaid.

Commercial Insurance Companies Accepted

We are participating providers with the following insurance companies and networks:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Healthscope
  • Scott & White
  • TRICARE for Life
  • United Healthcare
  • UMR

Out of Network Commercial Plans

If we are not in your health plan’s network, it may still be possible for you to see one of our providers. Our business office staff can research any out-of-network benefits that may be available to you under your plan. You would be responsible for all non-covered out-of-pocket costs incurred for your treatment at the clinic.

Insurance Office Visit Referrals 

Some insurance companies require a referral from your primary care physician before being seen by a specialist. Please be sure that referrals required by your insurance have been received before your appointment day. The insured is responsible for ensuring that referrals are obtained when required.

Financial Responsibility

Be prepared to pay your specialist deductible and co-pay amounts at the time of your office visit.  Our business office staff is available to help you to determine an estimate of these amounts in advance. We accept multiple forms of payment for your convenience, including personal check, money order, debit and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express), and cash. Payment is accepted by phone, in person, and by mail.

Your insurance company requires you to pay your co-pay, so please do not expect them to be waived. Patient accounts that are past due and no payment arrangements have been made may be forwarded to a collection agency. Collection agency fees will be the responsibility of the patient. The fee for all returned checks is $35. Patients with returned checks will be required to pay future amounts due with cash, money orders, or debit/credit card.