Dear Patient,

Thank you for selecting Arthritis Centers of Texas for your medical treatment. We know that you have a choice when deciding where to obtain your health care, and we appreciate that you chose Arthritis Centers of Texas.

Under the Patient Forms section of this website, you will find printable versions of our Patient Registration, Patient History, Financial Policy, Billing Procedures, Medication List, Provider Contact List, and FOCUS Health Assessment Questionnaire. Please print and complete each of these forms and bring them with you on the day of your appointment. In addition, please have these forms completed when you arrive at the office. Doing so will reduce your waiting time and help avoid unnecessary confusion.

Your first appointment will last approximately one hour. Additional time may be required if lab or x-rays are ordered. Please take these time requirements into account when planning your day around your appointment.

Our staff will call several days in advance to remind you of the appointment and confirm that you will make the appointment. You must confirm your appointment by noon the day before your appointment. You may call to confirm your appointment by dialing 214-580-3630. Your call will go directly to our Appointment Desk without being routed through a phone tree. You may also use this number to ask questions about your appointment or to reschedule your appointment if necessary. Appointments that are not confirmed by noon on the day prior to the appointment may be canceled in order to allow access to that time slot by another patient. Unfortunately, an unused appointment time slot is a time that is lost and cannot be recovered. Therefore, unconfirmed appointment time slots may be offered to patients who urgently need to see a healthcare practitioner. In addition, if you do not keep your appointment and you do not call to reschedule prior to the day of your appointment, you may be charged a missed appointment fee.

To conduct a thorough examination on your first visit, we will need copies of your recent medical records from your other physician(s). This includes labs, x-rays, MRIs, or additional information you feel is important to your care. Please contact your healthcare provider(s) to obtain copies well in advance of your appointment. You may bring these with you to your appointment or have them faxed to 214-826-0605 to the attention of Medical Records.


The Physicians and Staff of Arthritis Centers of Texas